Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{December 19, 2008}   Bleh

I hate waiting for time to move.
I hate waiting for time to change.
I hate waiting for Josh to get off.
Time feels so much weirder with Madi already out of school.


{December 19, 2008}   PRESENTS!!

There are presents under our tree. Like 10 or so, all from Mom and Dad. 🙂 They’re all for the kiddos (mine’s pink and awesome and shares pictures ;)). I haven’t even started wrapping Mark and Julie’s yet though, LOL. I should, since we’ll most likely be seeing them Sunday or next Sunady 😉

Any plans for the day?

Oh, and I need to read daizyhugz‘s story, LOL.

{December 19, 2008}   Day #2 of Happy Things

I’m happy for my friends, each and everyone of them 🙂
You know who you are 😛

{December 19, 2008}   Haiku Friday

Look, I am blogging
I’m actually writing
Can you believe it?

Not much happening
Did some modding to layout
LJ is pretty

et cetera