Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{July 6, 2009}   All Caught Up

I’m all caught up on my P365 postings. *w00t*

Now to get back onto a regular schedule with posting them.

Comment if you feel like it 🙂


{July 5, 2009}   022/365


Web cam, while under the influence of Tylenol PM and Benadryl. Do I look as exhausted as I felt?

{July 4, 2009}   021/365


That’s ice. It froze that way. Cool, right?

{July 3, 2009}   020/365


Madi and Daddy

{July 2, 2009}   019/365

Multimedia message

My homemade Frap:

  • Vanilla Biscotti Folgers
  • Chocolate creamer
  • Cool Whip in a can
  • Shaved/Crushed ice


et cetera