Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{July 5, 2009}   022/365


Web cam, while under the influence of Tylenol PM and Benadryl. Do I look as exhausted as I felt?


{December 30, 2007}   Fudge!!

I’m officially sick.
Scratchy throat
Itchy, sore eyes
Runny nose
Light-headed (normal cold symptom for me)
Warm, yet cold

I feel like death warmed over, and damn, I’m exhausted. Time for bed, in a couple hours, early tonight.

{April 13, 2007}   Workin’

Birth Control Switch
I feel like absolute crap, but I’m working on things, like I’m supposed to. I had tags done for yesterday, but I didn’t send them out. I’m just freaking exhausted. PMS hit me hard this week, as did the actual, you know, of it, and gah! It’s because I was forced to switch from Alesse to OTC-lo. Not the same formula, not the same dosages, nothing is the same, except for 21 days of pills. It’s driving me insane!! I think I’m driving Josh insane, too.

Current workings
I’m working on a new tag that’ll be limited to how many I make (I’m thinking 10 or 15), and they’ll be $2.50 a pop (cheap in a lot of cases).

There will be different chest/crest colors to choose from, along with body colors. 🙂
Tubes are from Zarbella Graphics.

Shoot me now
I just want to go to bed and sleep the fucking world away. The weather is just killing me. Four freaking straight days of rain. Tonight a chance of 3-5 inches of SNOW! Less than an inch of accumulation tomorrow and highs in the mid-50’s, and 60’s the rest of the week. WTF is going on?! Just please, put me out of my misery NOW!!

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