Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{July 2, 2009}   019/365

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My homemade Frap:

  • Vanilla Biscotti Folgers
  • Chocolate creamer
  • Cool Whip in a can
  • Shaved/Crushed ice



{February 20, 2009}   Hey, freyalynn

The results will make you laugh:
The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

*I’m Cracky*



Oh I just lost my mind. Back to my Vanilla Coke that I can finally taste again.

{December 15, 2008}   Oh good god!

Cool whip in a can, mixed with orange juice. Better than anything I’ve had in awhile.

Coffee with vanilla caramel mint truffle is heaven sent in the mornings.

Hmm, am I obsessed with all things sweet? You know it 😛

{February 1, 2007}   Exhaustion

I so didn’t sleep well last night. Combination of 2 gulps (meaning less than a shot each) of butter shots, a pound or so of shrimp (freezer section of Walmart), coffee, and Excedrine Migraine made for an extremely bad reaction. I was shaking like a leaf for an hour, nearly vomitting for three, and basically got no sleep. Every time I’d start to fall asleep, Josh would inadvertantly wake me up, even if he was just trying to make me more comfortable.

Josh got me my desk today. It’s so pretty. I likes it a lot 🙂 We plan on getting the matching 3-in-1 table to go with it. We need something to put the 1610 on top of. The desk top is too small, and right now, it’s sitting on top of the hutch. The idiots next door and downstairs vibrate the building so bad that I’m scared it’s going to fall off.

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