Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{December 16, 2008}   Writer’s Block: Bedside Manners

Oh, I think GH would be my ultimate choice. Spinelli maybe stopping by. Patrick, in his new daddy role. Maybe even Robin. 🙂

But, if it was an emergency, I would want to end up at County. They have the best doctors and nurses 🙂
If it was a weird thing, I would want House.
If it was surgical, take me to Seattle Grace.


{December 16, 2008}   You Think *you’re* Cold

Okay, maybe there are people colder, but GAH!! It’s not even winter yet!!

Madi went to school on the bus. I couldn’t see the highway from the apartment, so it wasn’t safe for me to drive. She’ll be riding the bus home, just to be on the safe side. Yes, I have 4WD, but I have no experience driving in the snow at all.

Anyone have any spare heaters they wanna share?

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