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{December 14, 2008}   Bye Bye Cross Posting

As linear_flower said about TwitFeed (or whatever), too easy to get complacent.
So, I’m going to attempt to try and make unique posts for here. We’ll see how that goes 😛


Pig Faced Santa Hat

Ignore the goof. 😛

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{December 14, 2008}   Snow Expected

(My Original Blog Post:

:winter: 10 Day Forecast

Yeah, and people wonder why they’re always sick in the winter. Do you see those fluctuations? Holy crap!!
Friday, the 19th is Madi’s last day of school for 2008. She gets out at 12:15, which is after the last grade eats lunch. That low is *COLD*
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Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

It’s On Coach
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