Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{March 10, 2009}   Suggestions

Okay, I’m wanting some ideas.
I know I do Weekly Winners on my TM2TS blog.
And I’ll be doing Project 365 on my KMII blog [Kiss Me, I’m Irish]
I do random shots here, and upload most of the photos I do to flickr.
Should I create a special community for the non-website posted pictures, or post them here, and bug y’all when I post them?

Suggestions? Ideas? Anything?


{March 10, 2009}   Project 365 – Connections

Connections, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.
Herman Melville

{March 10, 2009}   Blogger’s Dream

Blogger’s Dream, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

My laptop is only a year old! How am I wearing it out that fast? Holy crap!!
See the “flat” area on the keyboard? It took my dad TWO YEARS to get that on his. Oh wells, I have proof I love my laptop.

I’m so thankful, though, that I didn’t get a 17″ version. That would have killed me. Those are heavy sonsofbitches, LOL.

{March 10, 2009}   I Has a Morning

I’m awake. Seriously. That is all I can say. I’m awake.

It’s currently 38 degrees. The high today is only 50 degrees. Not hitting above 60 until 2 days after Ethan’s birthday.

Save me, please!!

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