Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{March 5, 2009}   Two Days

So, two days of excercising.
Yesterday, I did my Fit to Strip DVD from Carmen Electra.
Today, I did half hour of Wii Sports, baseball and tennis. Then, I took a walk with Ethan in the stroller. Extra resistance, because it was WINDY!! I did about a mile, I guess. Up and down hill. I did some running/jogging with it too.

I can officially say, OUCH!! I can sit without a problem. I can walk with just a small amount of pain. But getting up? That’s hilarious to see!

Smilie Boy
See my awesome ladybug purse? It has my water bottle, my cellphone, my camera (okay, it’s case, since the camera was obv in my hands, LOL).


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