Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{February 11, 2009}   Did You Knows

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Random thoughts for a random day.
Did you know …

  • that I have a great friend who helps calm me down, her and her husband, when it comes to PO stuff?
  • that this friend also has two of the most adorable girls that I’ve ever seen
  • and a freaking ZOO in her house?
  • that I hate the PO sometimes
  • that my husband needs to think before he speaks on some things
  • that I have no life, and seriously need one?
  • that I love to Twitter and Plurk?
  • that I have a MySpace and Facebook account that I barely use?
  • that I can’t think of anything else?

{February 11, 2009}  

I hate the USPS sometimes.
Love the pay, hate the drama
That is all.

Now go mail shit!!

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