Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{February 8, 2009}   Big Ol’ Empty Space

I’m trying to figure out how this happens:

Just one LJ user causes that, out of every entry that’s on my FL. And every entry is like that.
I don’t mind the blinding color (which hurts my eyes), but the constant big blank space is getting annoying.

And since I’m bitching:
I’m tired of the attitude of a certain simmer. Not one that I’ve posted about before, and I’m not going to say who (if you’re a member of the LJ Sims 2 comms, you might know who). Constantly has a bee up his ass about something.

Just fuck the world today, seriously!

Oh, and lauriethemuppet, I might not have an entry done this week because of laptop going haywire. Letting you know, so Mr. Bitch, who’s not even a mod, can’t say anymore shit. 😛

There, I’ve taken care of it 😉
I lub you lauriethemuppet!


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