Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{February 6, 2009}   *giggles*

I’m such a bitch, but I’m loving the hate on simplicist right now. She and skittlebox have gotten way too big for their britches. I’m tired of this childish shit going on.

I’m looking forward to Sims 3 now, just to get out of the Sims 2 comm. I love the friends I’ve made (haughtysims, sukkamielli, linear_flower, freyalynn, to name a few), but fuck! I’m 27-fucking-years-old and I’m too old for this bullshit!!

Thank god for , of else I’d lose my mind. Thank you sukkamielli for creating this community!! We need to make it more active again.

Oh, and lauriethemuppet, I STILL LOVE YOU 😛 I knew you *before* Sims, so you’re always safe 😛


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