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{February 28, 2009}   Daiquiris – Gen 2.2

+Two Pina Coladas )


{February 26, 2009}   Happiness

I love my new header. Same colors as before, just pictures of my brats.

Let me know what you think 🙂

{February 25, 2009}   Looking For Serious Answers

How do you explain to a guy that you love sex wit him, even if it seems you can only get off with clitoral stimulation, and one that requires intense stimulation?

{February 25, 2009}   Unexpected Pals

Unexpected Pals, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

We went to my FIL’s yesterday to change the oil in the vehicles. I had a perfect shot lined up, but they moved. 😦
The cat, Taz, was on his back, paws up, and Suzie (the dog) had her head against Taz’s. It was too freaking CUTE!! I wish I could have gotten that shot.

{February 23, 2009}   20 Questions for CafeMom – Sarah

20 Questions for CafeMom – Sarah

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