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{January 30, 2009}   Crazy Momma

Crazy Momma
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I took some pictures of my new sweater, and some of my other new clothes. I feel all pretty ‘n shit. I even put on some make-up this morning, LOL. What really helps is that I’m no longer stressing over the PO bullshit.

The NALC is actually behind Potter right now on this issue. Why? Because he was only asking for the option, since Congress is the one who screwed over the PO in the first place. The PO is puting $2billion into a fund a month/year/whatever for future retirees (think Josh and freyalynn‘s husband). They’re also shelling out $2billion as well for current retirees. Congress ordered them to have some $50 billion for future retirees by 2016, and they’re almost halfway there, 2 years after the order. So the PO is technically petitioning to use some of the money in the FUND to pay current retiree benefits while still putting money into that fund. THAT’s why they’re going belly-up. The retirement shit set up by CONGRESS! The only company, private or public, federally mandated to have this fund.

Yeah, so this is another foul-up from the PREVIOUS administration, hopefully to be fixed by the current one.


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