Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{January 24, 2009}   Piss, Moan and Groan

The tower’s infranview settings is ctl-alt-c for screencaps.
The laptops? alt-c
Guess what settings I used FOR A SIM WEEK’S WORTH OF CAPS?
Yeah, ctl-alt-c 😦
No wonder I never heard that magical sound 😦

Then again, I’m not even 100% sure I was playing with the right Sim 😦
I can’t freaking tell which is which.
CAS isn’t showing them in the order I downloaded and installed them in.

EDIT: I need a picture of katu‘s default eyes, to see if this is right, or a picture of someone else’s version of Katu’s founder, LOL.
Anyone wanna help me out?


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