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{January 24, 2009}   On the Tower

The laptop currently has Sims 2 running.
I’m waiting on sign-up post, so I’m using the tower as well. My sim will be Margarita Daiquiri. Josh named her, and I’m running with it. So, all of your drunken names, I’ll take šŸ™‚ Admit it!! It’s semi-unique šŸ˜›
I can have computer addiction now šŸ˜‰

We’re going to have to replace the alternator on the truck. That’s just fun. It’s spitting out 20-whatever. It should have, you know, 80-100. Tech at AutoZone said that the truck shouldn’t even be running. God love Interstate and Duralast batteries. šŸ™‚

Nothing else much is going on. We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow. Natural gas prices jumped up almost $2 over the course of the month. Fuck you very much Kansas Gas Service. Electric is supposed to jump up 11% on average. Shareholders are supposed to see an 8.5% return. Yeah, explain that one to me, please.

OH!! And with ACR (Sims), I saw my first booty call. Only, it didn’t end up so pretty. Dude got struck by lightening. I totally missed that shot šŸ˜¦ He didn’t die though, LOL.


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