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{January 13, 2009}   I Blame sukkamielli

She mentioned a parenting post, and it reminds me of a post:

Hi –

Please don’t judge, I’m looking for help.

I’m 32, divorced with no children.
I’m currently pregnant with a married man’s baby.  Wife knows about me and they have a 3 year old son.
I’m 5w2d.
The man is a liar….and I am ashamed and embarrased that I am in this predicament.
I have cut all ties with him and am seeking counseling at the moment.

I’m undecided.  Abortion or go through with this pregnancy.
When will I know?  I’m leaning towards not having it to spare all our lives.
It was all wrong and a mistake.

Also, to complicate things, I have spoke with my parents about this.  My mother is disappointed and is very against abortion (religious beliefs).  My good friend thinks I should have it.

Any help?  Suggestions?  Advice?
Anybody in here have a child by a married man?

I’m just looking for help.  Please don’t bash me.  Lesson is learned, believe me!

I’m all for making informed decisions but good fucking Lord! It’s your body, it’s your choice. If you can’t make that decision yourself, I pray for you, seriously. I know it’s not an easy decision (we had to discuss that with Madi, but it was too far along, and we’re so glad that choice was taken from us), but honestly, if you want the baby, have the baby. If you don’t want the baby, don’t have it.

And yes, I know the decision is not that clear-cut, but the woman has already said flat out “No adoption” which also makes no sense to me.

Bleh! I just hate the world today!


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