Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{December 23, 2008}   Day 6 – Happy Meme

What am I happy about today?
–> Tomorrow, all we have to do is wrap Madi’s presents, put out cookies for Santa, and fill up their stockings. Sawheet!!
–> Josh found some more stocking stuffers for Ethan tonight, so they’re pretty much equal on gifts.
–> From just us, Ethan has FIFTEEN presents to open. *w00t* Spoiled much?
–> Um, tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE.
–> I stayed up from 10am yesterday until well, now, minus an hour of sleep between 3 and 4 am. I’m still not tired. Insanity, I has it.
–> I have the soundtrack to MAMMA MIA!!

Hmm, I think that’s it, LOL.


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