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{December 23, 2008}   An Absent-Minded Smile

Oh goodness, guess what soundtack, according to iTunes, I’ve listened to at least once all the way through, with 2 songs playing 5 times, most playing three or four, and only one playing once, LOL. Now to find screen caps, and I swear, I’ll make me some icons, and fill up my extra, what, 100 icon slots (or icons already made, LOL).

Yeah, I’m DYING for Christmas!! I want my movie! I had to buy this soundtrack on freaking iTunes because I didn’t want to deal with all the crazy naming schemes on Limewire. I love me some Mamma Mia!. I’m so glad that Sex and the City was no longer playing when sunflowerjewelzJulie and I went to go see it. I’m so glad that we decided that Mamma Mia! would be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

sunflowerjewelzJulie and I have actually seen a bit, and done a bit this year.

Let’s see:
1. Mamma Mia!
2. Nutcracker
3. Acheron ๐Ÿ˜›

Okay, that’s it, but still, I love my sunflowerjewelzJulie, aka sunflowerjewelzCFB.

sunflowerjewelzJulie, I hope 2009 leads to just as much, if not more, fun for us all.

Seriously, though, why the hell am I still up? It’s 2:32am. Josh might or might not be working tomorrow (he was getting fumes from the LLV constantly in the cab, and he collapsed as soon as he came home, and slept HARD for five hours).


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