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{December 14, 2008}   Snow Expected

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:winter: 10 Day Forecast

Yeah, and people wonder why they’re always sick in the winter. Do you see those fluctuations? Holy crap!!
Friday, the 19th is Madi’s last day of school for 2008. She gets out at 12:15, which is after the last grade eats lunch. That low is *COLD*

:winter: 12 Hour Forecast

Well, a chunk of that.

Holy fucking Christ on a cracker. That is just fucking COLD!! I’m so glad we picked up a little mini heater today. $25 for a Mini Surround Heater. It’s so cute, and if it gets knocked over, it automatically turns off. I like that safety feature.

We finished up our Christmas shopping, minus one or two things. :omg: Yes, we did that with the kids with us. πŸ™‚ We split up which really helped out. I got a set of PJs for each kid, and slippers that matched the robe sets we got them earlier. We got them several outfits (they outgrew stuff from last year). Ethan’s PJ set will definitely fit him for a bit, since they only had 3T and 5T in his designs (Thomas). Madi got a silky cloud print PJ set :angel: I think she’ll like it. Also got Madi’s teachers’ presents. We got a K-State bear and a teacher’s ornament for Mrs. Stuewe and a set of gingerbread-scented ornaments for Mrs. Simoneau. Mrs. Stuewe is Madi’s primary teacher, and Mrs. Simoneau is the other one, and they switch for reading and math. So, we spent a little more on her primary, but didn’t feel right not getting anything for Mrs. Simoneau.

Also got Mark and Julie’s gift, but can’t say what it is since Julie reads the blog πŸ˜›


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