Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{November 24, 2008}   Screw it

I switched designs. I couldn’t resist any longer 😛
Yeah, and I think I’m going to fail NaNo. I don’t want to write any more.
I wrote 37K (though the NaNo validator will say 300 less, most likely), and I’m just done!
I don’t want to do it anymore.



{November 24, 2008}   I hate LJ right now

For some reason, all my stuff keeps getting forwarded to Livejournal.RU instead of Livejournal.COM
I clicked the one link in the top bar to “see LJ 2.0” because I was curious. Nowhere did it say that it would cause me to be permanently forced to try and understand LJ in Russian and now I have no idea how to fix it. 😦

Oh, and I no longer get e-mail from LJ either. No more comment updates.
Just started yesterday.
Stupid fucking compant.

{November 24, 2008}   I’m Going

(My Original Blog Post:
As a birthday present to myself, a tradition started way back when by my Aunt Anne, whom I miss dearly, I will be seeing the Nutcracker. I’ll be going with Julie, December 7 at 3pm. :w00t: I ordered the tickets last night and I should be getting them in the mail by the 5th. :w00t:.

Oh, and to make me even more spoiled, I found out from Julie what I’m getting for my birthday from her: Dead After Dark
She only told me so I didn’t buy it for myself. 🙂 I’m glad she told me because I was going to. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Fury Kattalakis, but it also has a part from JR Ward, whose Black Dagger Brotherhood I’m currently obsessed with. Guess who got me hooked on that series accidentally?

{November 24, 2008}   Gift Ideas

(My Original Blog Post:
I have no idea what to get my father-in-law for Christmas. I mean, I know things he might like (he was talking about a PS3, which scares me, :lol:, and a new TV) but those are things we really can’t afford. 😦 I don’t think gift baskets would be appropriate, no matter how nice.

I wonder if I can find something that’ll go well with the ummy yummy fresh meat he’s got. Maybe I can make up a homemade gift basket of steak sauce stuff. Hmm …

{November 24, 2008}   Getting Sick

(My Original Blog Post:
I can feel the sickness seeping in.
Woke up with a sore throat, and I’m very short with everyone.
I’m exhausted because Madi is snoring because *she’s* sick.
Please, can it be Wednesday already? Madi’s first official day of Thanksgiving break is then.

Oh, and weekends? Go to hell, seriously. I got NOTHING done for NaNo.
We did go to Mark’s for the day, which was nice, but I wanted to WRITE!!
Or Sim, since Josh got me The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff. You know you’re jealous 😉

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