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{November 20, 2008}   Cameras, Memory, and More

(My Original Blog Post:
Okay, I’m still waiting on my mom to call me and let me know that she’s sent my money for the camera. I’m starting to wonder if she went into Walmart and found out the camera was there. They told her they were out (online) but they also said the same thing about the ones here in Topeka. So, who knows. Mom is known for also forgetting to send things, :lol:.

But, since I’ll be getting a new camera, I’m going to have to get a new memory stick for it. My current camera uses a SD card, and the camera I’m getting uses Memory Stick PRO Duo. So, I have to get a new one. Works for me. I found one that’s 4 gigs, for $30 at Walmart Tuesday 🙂

What do you need more memory for?


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