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{November 19, 2008}   Writing Goals

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Okay, since I’m like flying past the goals for the days (woot, right?), I’m going to set my own goals 😛

Current count: 33411 (w00t)
Left for the month: 16589
Days left in the month: 11
Average word count to reach 50k: 1509

So, minimum goal for tomorrow: 35000
Current Writing Goal

Will I be able to do it?
We’ll see I guess. It is only 1589 words. I’m writing an average of 1758 words a day. I think I can do it. 😛


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{November 19, 2008}   Apparently …

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I did a post on ways to lose readers, and apparently I found a few more, from my own experience:

1. Do not blog about gifts you’re getting from family. I lost two readers after posting that.
2. Do not blog about your politics. That’ll lose you visitors.
3. Do not post updates if you’re doing NaNo. Apparently if you do it more than once a day (oh my god, my blog), you’ll lose readers.

I have a small suggestion for those that drop people from their feed readers. How about dropping the person a line and letting them know why? Maybe you just didn’t find what they were righting interesting. I know I would like to know.


{November 19, 2008}   Just Notice

I’ve decided to have a “super private” filtering, just in case I need it.
Y’all on this are the ones I would trust with whatever I need to be kept quiet.


If you want to be removed, just holler, and I will 🙂

{November 19, 2008}   Writing Wednesday

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Current Writing Goal
Monthly Writing Goal
See, I'm Working

et cetera