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{November 18, 2008}   How I’m Feeling

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I’m working, I’m working. I swear.
*looks around*
Nope, NCIS isn’t starting right now. Nope, that’s your imagination 😉

Okay, FINE!! It is!! I swear I’ll write during commercials.
Okay, yeah, even if I don’t believe that.
So, um, I’ll write after NCIS. This time I’m telling the truth. I don’t really want to watch Priviledged, and there’s not much else on. Dancing With the Stars bores the hell out of me.

So, here’s the info:
Today’s Goal:

Monthly Goal:


{November 18, 2008}   Can We Say Spoiled?

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< — See that awesome and adorable camera right there? I’m waiting on a check from my mom to buy it. Why am I getting a check for it? Because my mommy rocks. Okay, fine! Not a good enough reason? I’m getting it because my 27th birthday is the 8th of December.
Considering my current camera is a bit busted or ruined, if you want to put it that way.
I got to check it out a little when I was at Walmart today with my husband and son. Oh lordy!! It’s so little, but not so bad that I would be scared to drop it or anything.
I can’t wait until I get it!!

{November 18, 2008}   Puppy Power

(My Original Blog Post:
Josh and the boy were watching Pound Puppies, and made me realize we might need to buy some dog supplies. Why? Because of friends, Mark and Julie, got a puppy, named Jack 🙂 We could get him something for the holidays.

But what do you get a dog for the holidays?
Molly and Suzie, Josh’s dad’s dogs, we would get bones or something because they’re bigger. Jack is a tiny dog, one of those lap dog types 🙂

et cetera