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{November 17, 2008}   Colors of the Wind

(My Original Blog Post:
Okay, whether you like graphics, whether you’re an art fan, whether you even celebrate Christmas, everyone associates certain colors to certain things.

Like red, white, and pink for Valentine’s Day.
Orange and black (sometimes a dark purple) for Halloween/Samhain.

So, what colors do you associate with for winter, Christmas, the holiday season 🙂

Received last time I did this:

  • Winter- pale blues, not pastel but icy and white mostly because of snow.
    Christmas- reds and greens, medium shades to dark shades; and gold colors mainly.
    New Years – mostly black and white, but with a spattering of rainbow colors. Not very dominant, but there, like confetti.
  • Winter is full of cool colours – grey and blue, white of course. Obviously, the colours of ice and snow.
    Christmas is full of your reds and greens, gold and silver – all that sparkles. Personally I think of a darker red, versus the bright garish red you often see. Likewise for green.
    The holiday season is full of jewel-tones, deep rich colours that bring warmth against the white and cold of the weather. The colour of the winter fruits and vegetables.
  • Christmas: purple or violet because of the vestment worn for Advent.
    winter: pale blues, grey, a brownish grey, basically the colour of a sky before a thunderstorm
    new years: orange, anything festive
    holiday season: forest green, deep reds, white, all the typical colours

et cetera
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