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{November 14, 2008}   Next Summer

(My Original Blog Post:
I wonder, next summer, if we could check out someOuter Banks rentals. Josh’s aunt lived/lives (not quite sure right now) in Nags Head/Kitty Hawk, and it would be a great place to go to remember Kathy, even though her ashes were scattered in Chincoteague, VA. I know Madi would want to go to Chincoteague, anyways, though, because of the horses.

Personally, I think I would rather go to my parents, but that’s just me. Then again, I would love to see a beach again. Ethan has never seen it, and Madi hasn’t seen one since she was a year old. All I know is that I never want to go near Brevard County again. I do not want to risk seeing the DNA Donor and Bitch Husband.


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