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{November 13, 2008}   It’s in the family history

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My sister finally listened to my mom and I. She went to the psychiatrist. I’m not one to talk about others personal histories, but this is one that describes me as well.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed as bi-polar. I, even then, didn’t believe it. Well, my sister was scared to death that she was going to get that label. Well, she got some good news, and it was a confirmation for me, as well. We have literally identical symptoms. My mom was able to make complete correlations between how I was and how Megan is. So, pretty safe to say that if I was to see and finally get a new diagnosis, I would most likely get the same one. She was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, ADHD, and depression.

Yes, all 3 of those can also be described as bi-polar, but bi-polar also requires rapid cycling. Trust me, my sister and I both do not have rapid cycling. So, now she’s on Zoloft. I warned her that if she has any thoughts of suicide to call her doctor immediately. I had a suicide attempt at sixteen because of Zoloft, so I worry about her with that.

She has to be careful with what she takes though. She had a heart defect at birth and still has a heart murmur now. That means most anti-anxiety meds aren’t safe for her to take. It also means that she can’t take diet pills, but I don’t think she needs those anyway.

Now to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my sister has the maturity to admit that she needs help, and that she’s taking the steps she needs to to get there.


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