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{November 11, 2008}   Fuck This

I’m sick and tired of being told “get a job”
Has anyone tried to find a job that pays more than what the cost of daycare and gas would to get there, especially for one child and one who would need transportation to and from school?
Or one that has hours within a certain time table?
Or, shit, one where they’re offering HOURS because a good chunk of this nation is JOBLESS because of the economy?

Please explain this to me.

Get off your high horse and just get bent.


{November 11, 2008}   Veteran’s Day

(My Original Blog Post:

My grandfather on my dad’s side was in the Korean War. My home state, home city, of Evansville, IN (:w00t:, blue county, BTW), has this amazing Korean War memorial statue that I love. Yes, I searched Google for 20 minutes looking for a picture of. Evansville actually has several statues for Veteran’s. I love it!

How are you honoring those who have served and are serving today?

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