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{November 7, 2008}   Haiku Friday – NaNo Time

(My Original Blog Post:

Write, write, write. Must write.
I have to write, and write, write.
Word count must go up.

Hit ten-thousand words
Last night was a struggle but
I made my word count

Now to go off again
Write some more, hit eleven
thousand words this time.

Yes, that’s right!! Hit 10K last night. Minimum goal was 8333 because I missed all of Wednesday due to the gastric distress from my IBS. Then, Josh and I declared 9167 to be the minimum goal for our “agreement”. Surpassed that when I hit 9300 without a problem, once I forced myself to sit down, shut off everything and just write. It was all a matter of discipline. šŸ™‚ Then I hit 9933 without realizing, and holy crap, I was excited!! 67 words to 10K, the ultimate goal for the day. I’d done it with 38, then 69 words to pad that. :faint: :clap: :relieved: :w00t:

Now, I’m still deciding what I want if I actually win NaNo this year. I’m considering magnetic bracelets might be a good idea. They’re supposed to be healthy for you, so maybe that would be a good idea.

What do you think?


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