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{November 7, 2008}   Coupon Time

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With the holidays coming, it’s time to do a search for some coupons. I love and adore coupons, so finding free online coupons through is just perfect.

As most know, I’m a huge fan of shopping at Walmart, so finding some coupons for there is awesome. I really want an iPod for Christmas, and there are some great coupons for that. Less than $60, including free shipping. Awesome, right?

Josh and I also plan on buying another HP tower, and there’s even HP coupons for that. :w00t: Maybe I should just settle for a new printer since we desperately need one with wifi, as I’m tired of having to sit on the floor to print from the laptop, or turn on the tower to use the flash drive.

What would you use coupons on if you could?


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