Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{November 6, 2008}   You Wish You Were Me

Okay, maybe not, but still, I’m in love with me.

Okay, as you might or might not know, yesterday I had a severe IBS attack. I say severe because I collapsed in the hallway in pain. I called Josh, trying to get him to come home, I was in so much pain. I cried I was in so much pain. Labor just made me scream at everyone. So, LOTS of pain. It was worse than labor.
So, I spent the day relaxing, and didn’t write a single word. I finished off Tuesday with 6800 words, and that total stayed the same for Wednesday.
Today, my goal was to reach at least the Wednesday goal of 8333. Josh and I came to an agreement of 9147 (halfway between 10K and 8333, Wednesday and Thursday goals). Well, I was quickly getting to 8333, just randomly writing throughout the day. I was struggling to get there though. So, when Josh made it home, I put myself in the bedroom with no distractions. I even closed Plurk (yeah, that committed). I begged for word wars (got no hits though :().
But, at 8pm, I hit the ultimate goal: 10038 words!!

So current totals:
Word count: 10069 (I’ve written more and still want to write more)

Chapter one: 3400
Chapter two: 1467
Chapter three: 1106
Chapter four: in progress

Go me, it’s my party, go me, I’m awesome!!


(My Original Blog Post:
Ever since I got my laptop, I’ve been dreaming of tricking it out with latest accessories, inside and out.
If you had the money, what would you do with a laptop?

et cetera