Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{November 5, 2008}   See what I do …

When I feel like ass?

I majorly tweaked my LJ. No new design, but definitely better.

New Look for TM2TS 🙂

Now, can I have a nap please?

I don’t think I’m going to hit my writing goal today 😦


{November 5, 2008}   Oh, Did I Tell You?

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My brother’s girlfriend is pregnant. The scary thing? We’re suggesting he get DNA testing done when the baby is born. When she got pregnant, they were no longer living together. I’m not saying they weren’t sleeping together, I’m just saying I don’t trust the *bleep* as far as I can throw her. She’s the type that threatens suicide if you break up with her, and spreads all the drama on MySpace while she keeps her crap private. Then again, since she’s always drinking, I’m hoping, for the sake of an unborn child, that this is all a hoax and that there is *no* baby at all, and it’s just a way to try and force my brother into a relationship he no longer desires.

Sometimes, I hate my family.

{November 5, 2008}   Did you know?

(My Original Blog Post:
Did you know that America made history last night?
Did you know that America really does have a brain?
Did you know that America really does want change?

We found this without a doubt last night. We Americans made a momentous decision yesterday, and it was made as a whole. There were those that voted for McCain, but they were far out-numbered by those who wanted change, something different from Bush and the Republicans.

Sadly, some states made some stupid mistakes in my opinions. They voted away gay rights like one would go look for an online auto insurance quotes comparison. The choices California, Arkansas, and Arizona really burn my bum. California, I think, more than others. They REMOVED the rights that were already given. Arkansas just removed who knows how many couples from the ability to adopt. I’m going to shut up on that front now though.

{November 5, 2008}   A Pained Less Words Wednesday

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Snapshot_20081105_1 Snapshot_20081105_2

As you can tell, I’m not feeling the greatest. I’m having either a problem with my IUD or an IBS attack. I’m praying its the IBS. IUD would be BAD!! Since the pain moves around my abdomen, I’m pretty sure its my IBS.

Man, it’s a killer to my NaNo, though 😦 Speaking of, word count totals:
Total Word Count: 6800

Chapter 1: 3351
Chapter 2: 1446
Chapter 3: 1104
Chapter 4: In progress

Okay, now my chapters are getting *shorter* o.O

et cetera