Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{November 3, 2008}   Update Time

Total Word Count: 5150

Chapter 1: 3351
Chapter 2: 1446
Chapter 3: in progress

Osias and Adrienne are slowly working themselves back together. *w00t* Osias’s homicidal maniac brother, whom I didn’t want to even ever appear, decided to make an appearance. I guess I should be thanking him, though I will be killing him off. It’s making Osias move in with Adrienne. *w00t*

Now to finish that section. Josh wants me to go to bed so I can write it tomorrow. Who thinks I’ll lose it if I do? Hands, hands?

Yeah, me too, but I think I’ll risk it. I wants to read me some more Vane and Bride. I think I should be re-reading Acheron to prepare for One Silent Night which is supposed to arrive tomorrow 🙂


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