Kiss Me, I’m Irish

{November 3, 2008}   Update Time

Total Word Count: 5150

Chapter 1: 3351
Chapter 2: 1446
Chapter 3: in progress

Osias and Adrienne are slowly working themselves back together. *w00t* Osias’s homicidal maniac brother, whom I didn’t want to even ever appear, decided to make an appearance. I guess I should be thanking him, though I will be killing him off. It’s making Osias move in with Adrienne. *w00t*

Now to finish that section. Josh wants me to go to bed so I can write it tomorrow. Who thinks I’ll lose it if I do? Hands, hands?

Yeah, me too, but I think I’ll risk it. I wants to read me some more Vane and Bride. I think I should be re-reading Acheron to prepare for One Silent Night which is supposed to arrive tomorrow 🙂


{November 3, 2008}   procrastinating

Yes, I am.

But! I had good reason!!

Check out icon:
Those are MADI’S EYES!! Aren’t they just bad ass?

sunflowerjewelz, I made the icon 😛

{November 3, 2008}   I No Like Mondays Today

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On the subject of Mondays. Why do I hate them today? I just do 😛

We had a small panic this week because the post office cut Josh’s hours again. Well, today, he was asked if he wanted to do two days at the Ottawa office. He gets paid for mileage from the Lawrence station to the Ottawa one, and it’s about the same distance from the apartment to Ottawa as it is to Lawrence, so we all good 🙂 He could still get called in on Wednesday, so *woot* HOURS!!

See, the bitching and moaning does pay off. Even if no one else reads it, the worry is out so that I can focus on the good 🙂

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