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{November 2, 2008}   NaNo Update

Okay, I think I’m finished writing for the day. We’ll see, I guess, LOL.

So, update:
Daily Goal:

3351 / 3334 words. 101% done!
50K Goal:

3351 / 50000 words. 7% done!

Now to bitch a little.
Okay, I’ve reached the end of my first chapter. All of those words are in the first chapter. The bad news? The MCs have already fought, she’s already cried over him, and they’ve already kissed. WTF? Gah! That’s annoying!!

Yes, with Were-Hunters, they have to have sex before they find out that they’re mates, but WTF, dude? Seriously?

Adrienne is an f’ing wuss. No, I’m not writing her like that. She *wants* to be that way. Where the hell is the strong, tough bitch who refuses to give Osias the time of day? One kiss and she’s a puddle until the brother of your best friend shows the slightest interest in you and *bam* that’s when you grow your spine? GAH!!

And Osias? Dude, I’m about ready to just kill you off. I’ll give Adrienne to Dev. Yeah, he’s a dick, but shit, at least he’s not saying one thing to one female and another to Adrienne. You cocky bastard!!

Anyone else dealing with issues like that?


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