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{October 30, 2008}   Truck Might Need Something

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As some might now, I’m a panic maniac when it comes to my truck and the brakes. After having one vehicle’s brakes go out, I’m overly cautious as I put and paranoid as everyone else says, :lol:. Bleh, and add to it that I need a new battery, and maybe a car repair estimate, I’m not looking forward to it.

I do have an upside to all of this. My dad is a mechanic. While he may not work on cars as his main profession anymore (he does cranes and lifts, etc now), he still puts around in car repair for family and friends as a side job. So, that means I get the car repair estimates for free, and most times, since he’ll most likely have the parts on hand, the car repair free. Works for me, :lol:.

If we do have to take it to an auto repair shop, I’ll be letting Josh do the talking. Why? Because I’m female and even my dad told me that most mechanics and shop managers will see female and try to screw them out of money. Yeah, that’s how the business works. I’ve seen it in electronic stores as well, though, but I know just as much about what I’m looking for, or more, so they don’t get too far with me on that aspect.

So, changed your oil recently?


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