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{October 26, 2008}   Busy Evening

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Mark and Julie came over tonight. I, all of us, I think, had a lot of fun. We watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. That prompted some music downloading from me. We also played some Wii Sports. I’m sitting at exactly 1000 on bowling. šŸ˜† So we played some golf. I did sucktastic, :lol:.

While they were here, I pre-ordered One Silent Night from I got it for $5.88 with shipping. Yeah, not going to knock that, when the list price for the book is $6.99. :w00t:. But, to read it, I must write my 1667 words that day. Yeah, Julie’ll finish it long before I do :loser:

Speaking of NaNo (Yes, I was): there’s a meet-up in Topeka tomorrow at the Topeka Public Library. Josh was leery of me going by myself, and I now have a partner in crime: Julie!! Since she got me hooked on my love of Dark Hunters, she can come with me for the project that will have me writing a “fan-fiction”. šŸ™‚ :w00t:

Last thought for the night: STAY WARM!! We’re under a freeze watch here in Topeka. :faint: That’s freaking COLD for October, isn’t it? So, you gonna stay warm? I don’t want to hear any complaints about frozen tookuses in the morning!


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